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About URL Rewriting Tool

The URL Rewrite Tool is used to turn dynamic URLs into search engine friendly URLs. They typically rank better in search engines than long complex URLs with lots of parameters, they are easier to index in the first place and they also look good to remember to the end user. This URL rewriting tool will create an htaccess code to help you remove the dynamic URL from your site.

Dynamic URL are harmful to your SEO Score, the dynamic page creates when user performs certain task with the site, like filling up form on the site, or performs some kind of search operation on the site, so such pages are not important or nonexistential for search engines, as they crawl the site and index through links and not by filling up the forms, and our URL Rewrite Tool will help you out to eliminate these unnecessary dynamic URLs from your site and rank faster in search results.

How to Use URL Rewrite Tool

All you have to do is just enter the dynamic URL, it will look something like this, Eg. http://www.example.com/test.php?firstid=1&secondid=10 and Once you hit the submit button below, it will create code for the htaccess file, you'll need to copy that code generated by the URL Rewrite Tool and paste it in your .htaccess file, which normally resides in the home directory or root directory of your site.

Advantages of Use URL Rewrite Tool

  1. Static URLs are typically Rank better on google search results.
  2. Search engines like google, bing and other are known to index the static URLs faster than dynamic URLs.
  3. Static Url are Search friendly plus nice looking URL. Easy to Remember for users.

Use our URL Rewrite Tool to rewrite your complex URLs, also you can try our Online URL Encoder/Decoder to encode your URL and Article Rewriter